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Nicola's Baby

This is my bike bought for me by my husband in April as soon as it came out.  It is a Limited Edition White/Silver GSXR 600, 08 plate.  It is immaculate!!  I have changed the exhaust, it now has a Yoshi R55 slip on and it sounds amazing!!  This really is my favourite hobby.  This bike is easy to ride and extremely fast/nippy .
Recently I had an FREAK accident with my bike, my handle came off my bedroom window and fell off and hit my tank!!!  I cried for hours seeing the two little paint chips on the top of the tank, I searched the internet to get someone to fix it or re-spray it for me but most places are very reluctant to take on a bike job as bikers are so fussy and everything has to be perfect.  I finally found someone called Keith McGowan at Chips Away in Glasgow, who himself is a biker so understood how much it meant to me.  He fixed it for me and it looks like nothing ever happened to it so a BIG THANK YOU to Keith, his details are published later.

Alan's Baby

This is my baby, It is a Launch Edition Gold and Bronze 1999 Suzuki GSXR 1300 Hayabusa.  My bike is extremely fast and scary sometimes.  It has Titanium Oval Cans and an iriidium double bubble screen and is good for 190+mph although at that speed it gets hard to hold on!!

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